Who are we ?

People who are passionate about nature!

A small family-owned business based in Correze, France

Ecomail is a small French family-owned business based in Correze. We founded Ecomail as a family, each of us with our own responsibilities in the company.

Clio Herbert is responsible for relations with the associations we support, as well as social media. She will review each funding request and make sure that the funded project aligns with our values and what we want to support. She will also keep the user community informed about the feedback we receive from the associations. Clio has a master's degree in ecology and has volunteered with many biodiversity protection associations.

Nathan Herbert is responsible for the technical management of the service, technical support, and its development. He ensures that our infrastructure functions properly, adapts it to the needs, and takes care of developing new features or improving existing ones. He also handles Ecomail's representation to the press and various partners. Nathan holds a degree in computer science and has extensive experience in web hosting companies (websites, infrastructure, etc.). He is also a web developer and system administrator.

How did Ecomail start?

Nathan : After watching a report on digital pollution, the idea for Ecomail was born. In fact, I had been wondering for some time how I could give my profession, IT, a more interesting purpose that was more in line with my environmental principles. I then asked myself what we use every day. I saw there something to be done to put IT at the service of ecology. I quickly set up Ecomail and its concept: to donate 30 to 50% of the generated turnover to associations that work on the ground for ecology. Today, I am very happy to make very regular donations to environmental associations in need. Together, we are putting IT at the service of ecology.

Our values and actions

Be the change you want to see in the world. We also try to apply this mantra to ourselves. Thus, both personally and professionally, we are constantly striving to improve and minimize our impact on the environment.

  • We are committed to proving everything we claim. Proof of donations is visible on our website and sales figures are displayed in real time on our user interface.
  • We work from home, no unnecessary travel! Never by plane.
  • For meals, we buy as much as possible in bulk and organic. We limit our waste. By the way, the compost is getting more and more beautiful!
  • Around our offices, we have an abandoned lot. Biodiversity loves it and so do we!
  • We use an eco-friendly mobile operator (Ecomtel).
  • We almost never print, only when it is really necessary.
  • Our computers are over 7 years old. We will only replace them if it is necessary for our work.
  • Our phones are between 2 and 5 years old, and we plan to keep them as long as possible.
  • We donate a significant portion of our proceeds to organizations that work for the environment.

Being a mission-driven company also means having a mission to do our best. Together, we are convinced that it is possible to achieve this.