Use computing to support ecology

Together, it is possible.

Our idea

To offer a European email service that puts computing at the service of ecology.

Almost everyone uses an email account. We want to give your email account an environmental purpose by funding concrete projects within environmental organizations of all sizes.

  • No greenwashing. Proof of our donations is systematically published and publicly available.
  • Our servers are powered by renewable energy, 100% hydroelectric, through the provider Scaleway.
  • 30 to 50 percent of our revenue (What is revenue?) is donated to environmental organizations.
  • We are fighting and raising awareness about digital pollution by providing indicators on our online interface.
  • Our offices are powered by renewable energy through renewable energy, let's be consistent!
  • We use open source tools to build the Ecomail interface. Roundcube, Nextcloud, etc.

Why choose us?


We donate a lot

30% to 50% of our revenue is donated to environmental organizations.


We work together

Donations, digital sobriety, awareness of digital pollution, biodiversity. We act by giving and raising awareness.


We keep proving

We prove all of our donations by providing every tax receipt. At Ecomail, no greenwashing. We say it, we do it.

Should I pay for an email account?

Choose to act for the environment and take control of your data.

Of the 12 euros annual subscription fee for Ecomail for individuals, we donate 3 to 5 euros to environmental organizations that work on the ground to protect living things.

A service is never free. When you don't pay directly, you pay indirectly. With your data, for example.

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