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We donate 30% to 50% of our turnover to associations that work for the environment. Already 90460€ donated.

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What do we do ?

We are using computing
to help ecology.

Environmental sponsorship

We donate 30% to 50% of our revenue to organizations that work on environmental and biodiversity protection. Since 2016, we have donated 90460€.

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Privacy & transparency

We respect your privacy. No ads, no data reselling. We display our monthly revenue and donation proofs in real time.

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Awareness & sobriety

We raise awareness of the issue of digital pollution among our users. We provide sufficient storage space, without excess.

Understanding digital pollution


We offer an email service for only 12 EUR per year.



We donate 30-50% of our revenue to environmental organizations.



We track non-profit projects and provide feedback to our community.

Our method

We are taking action for the environment, in 3 steps.

We all use email. At work, at home, on the go. We offer to put this computer tool at the service of ecology, biodiversity, and the environment. For this, we provide a paid service (12 EUR per year), reliable, and respects your privacy.

Our mission is to strongly support non-profit organizations that work every day to protect the environment, biodiversity, and ecology.

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Why choose us?

We are working towards a more sustainable world.

Do you know any businesses or individuals who donate up to half of their income to environmental organizations? At Ecomail, we donate 30 to 50% of all our revenue (our turnover) to organizations that work on the ground to protect our environment, biodiversity, and ecology.

Giving is great. Taking action is great too. With Ecomail, we are committed to raising awareness of the issue of digital pollution among our users. Through indicators and information on the user interface, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of a very demanding digital world.

Our technical support is available to answer all your questions. We are committed to providing a human-to-human relationship, and we do not use chatbots. We are here for you by email at [email protected], always.

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30% to 50% of our revenue is donated to environmental organizations.




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Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer the Ecomail email box at 12 EUR per year, of which :
- 2 EUR are paid to the government for VAT
- 3 to 5 EUR are donated to environmental associations
- 5 to 7 EUR are used to operate the service, including technical support, equipment, and energy.

We all use an email address, so why not participate in environmental projects by using your email normally? The major free email providers make money by exploiting your personal data for advertising purposes. On our side, we offer you to help environmental projects through a reliable service offered at only 12 EUR per year (30 to 50% for ecology). In addition to helping positive projects for our environment, you have a reliable email address for the whole year.

We see things this way: I use an email address every day, so it's better if that email address helps to achieve positive actions in favor of the environment rather than only enriching large IT groups.

At Ecomail, we do not sell your personal information. The information requested during registration is only used within the legal framework of the service. We do not transmit your data to third parties.

Of course! We offer a 30-day free trial. That's enough time for you to get a feel for the quality of our service, as well as our transparency and commitment to environmental action.

In France, specifically in Paris. We use Scaleway as our provider, which has a clear and transparent environmental policy. Additionally, the energy used to power the hosting servers is 100% renewable (hydropower).

Yes! We are very happy to have succeeded in achieving 90460€ donations for environmental associations that act on the ground. All this is thanks to our 6853 users.
Imagine what we could do with 20,000? Join us :)