GAB 22

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About the action

The GAB 22 association, active for 30 years, is dedicated to promoting rigorous and environmentally respectful organic farming, collaborating with naturalist associations to restore ecological habitats.

GAB 22, which has 14 employees, including 4 specialized in biodiversity, works in partnership with Paysans de Nature, a collective of 16 associations. This partnership aims to improve ecological corridors, farm biodiversity, and raise public awareness of the importance of organic farming for biodiversity preservation.

The melliferous fallow project, although innovative, is still little studied in practice. It aims to improve pollination and soil fertility in organic orchards. The experiments will include the selection of suitable species, monitoring germination and attractiveness to pollinators, and evaluating the ecological impact. The project also plans collaborations with naturalist associations and technical meetings to share the results.

The implementation period extends from February to September 2024, with a multi-year follow-up planned. The total budget for the action is €8,318.4, including seed costs, observation equipment, training, and personnel. A funding request of €1,660 is made to Ecomail to complete the 80% of financing already acquired.

In summary, the GAB 22 project seeks to establish melliferous fallows to support pollinators, improve biodiversity and soil fertility in organic orchards, while involving the agricultural and naturalist community in a collective effort for more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming.

For more information, you can consult the project description PDF related to the funding project.

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