Donation of 2000 euros to the Conservatoire d'Espaces Naturels

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About the action

Presentation of the structure

For over 45 years, the Conservatoires d'espaces naturels have been preserving and enhancing the natural and landscaped heritage around territorial projects and a method based on the consultation. In total, they manage 4,100 natural spaces, including more than 1,600 sites open to the public, which are visited each year by 6 million visitors. The 23 Conservatoires d'espaces naturels are non-profit and public interest associations.

The 1,100 employees operate on 270,000 hectares of natural areas and in more than one in eight communes in France, with the support of thousands of members and volunteers, united around one goal: "Acting for nature in the territories."

The Federation of Conservatoires d'espaces naturels has a mission to promote exchanges between its members in order to strengthen their actions on the ground. It also runs programs such as the Tourbières Relay Pole, the national chiroptera action plan, the LIFE NaturArmy or actions on the Loire and Rhône rivers, on invasive alien species, management documents, and on real environmental obligations (ORE).

Project description

Since 2021, the network of Conservatoires d'espaces naturels has developed a collection of nature activity booklets to raise awareness among children aged 8 to 12 and their families of the need to protect biodiversity. The first volume was dedicated to natural environments, the second to botany, and the third to wild animals in France. Each booklet offers more than a hundred fun games and activities to learn while playing, having fun, collecting, etc.

In 2024, the collection is expanding, always with the aim of raising awareness among as many children as possible about current environmental issues. The theme of this fourth volume will seek to demonstrate how to reconcile nature and agriculture (by highlighting all the work of the Conservatoires d'espaces naturels on this subject, notably by setting up extensive grazing, protecting pollinators, planting hedges, and preserving hay meadows, etc.). This book will be accompanied by goodies, such as the one on animals (for which temporary tattoos, stickers, and a coloring poster were made).

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