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About the action

Presentation of the Association

Endemic'Amis is an association dedicated to the preservation of wild fauna. Its goal is to create a wildlife rescue center in the Tarn (81) in the commune of Terre-de-Bancalié, which plans to host birds, mammals, and reptiles in distress. Endemic'Amis is an initiative of the Exoticamis Zoological Space, which wishes to invest in the preservation of wild fauna.

The primary mission of the care center is the preservation of wildlife. Receiving, treating, and releasing are its key principles. Wildlife care centers are establishments that generally contribute to species conservation, especially when they receive protected species listed in a national action plan for endangered species. These centers also play a role in health monitoring.

Project Description


The association aims to address the lack of a facility for distressed wildlife in the Tarn department.

The year 2023 is dedicated to the construction of the center, with a goal of opening in spring 2024.

The association plans to host birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Currently, only the LPO Tarn takes care of these animals, more specifically birds and, in particular: raptors & waders.
This means that for all other species, a finder would have to travel at least 100 km to take the animal to the nearest existing center, putting its survival at risk.

Creation of Indoor Facilities

In a 30m2 space, we define several areas:

• Kitchen: for preparing food rations for the animals in the care center. It will be equipped with refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, functional worktops, etc.

• Storage area: for storing dry food, equipment... Equipped with various storage solutions.

• Treatment room: for treating animals in the center and for initial diagnostics of an animal that has just been taken in. It will be equipped with an examination table, a microscope for observing potential parasites in case of suspicion, and any other medical equipment necessary for the care and proper functioning of the center.

• Stabilization & nursery room: for maintaining animals needing daily care and for rearing young. It will be equipped with incubators to stabilize an animal in hypothermia or young individuals, several maintenance units, and any other equipment necessary for the proper functioning of this room.

The total cost of the work is estimated at 10,000 euros.

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