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Presentation of the Association

Founded in 1994, Terre & Humanisme raises awareness and trains the general public and land professionals in ecological agriculture that respects living beings.
In France and internationally, it supports the transition to sustainable practices, respecting biodiversity, combating climate change, and improving living conditions through autonomy and food safety. Recognized as a public interest association and a training organization, Terre & Humanisme is labeled "Don en confiance". It is audited annually by an auditor and implements all available means to improve its financial transparency.

Terre & Humanisme defines agroecology around 3 pillars and 12 principles. It places humans and natural resources at the center of concerns. To share, transmit, and support agroecology, Terre & Humanisme is structured around the following 3 areas of activity:

- Citizen Agroecology
- Peasant Agroecology
- Solidarity Agroecology

The associative functioning of Terre & Humanisme is complemented by shared governance, which integrates decision-making spaces, involving employees, volunteers, and administrators.

The association has been active since 1994, initially in Africa, supporting the actions of Pierre Rabhi, and quickly in France at Mas Beaulieu, located in southern Ardèche. This dual anchoring is the specificity of Terre & Humanisme and represents a real strength in fulfilling its mission.

In August 2022, Terre & Humanisme acquired La Noria farm, in the north of Gard, to develop its actions around peasant agroecology.

Project Description: Regenerating Biodiversity at La Noria Farm

The "Regenerating Biodiversity at La Noria Farm" project commits to addressing the crucial issue of biodiversity collapse and the preservation of living beings, while meeting the basic needs of the population in terms of food security, access to healthy food, and social and economic equity.

Aware of modern agriculture's responsibility in the alarming decline of biodiversity, our goal is to reverse this trend by actively contributing to building a more resilient and balanced agricultural system, promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

Our 4.5 ha farm, located in Robiac Rochessadoule, in Gard, will be a place of experimentation, production, and meetings to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in sustainable agriculture. It will encourage the active participation of all actors, including farmers, local communities, agronomic research institutes, and the general public. The objective is to develop collective and effective approaches to preserve biodiversity sustainably and inclusively, strengthening links and mutual understanding among stakeholders.

La Noria Farm will become a platform for awareness, production, and experimentation, with the first step aiming to improve biodiversity.

It commits to restoring biodiversity across its lands and producing healthy, accessible food by locally cultivating organic fruits and vegetables. For this, several approaches will be implemented:

Agroforestry will be used to integrate trees and crops in the same agricultural system, promoting the diversity of plant and animal species, creating beneficial microclimates, and strengthening crop resilience.

Flower strips will be planted to attract pollinating insects and encourage the presence of various plant and animal species.

Specific habitats for biodiversity will be created, such as birdhouses, insect hotels, and ponds, providing refuges and breeding grounds for numerous species.

The installation of a mobile chicken coop will allow transforming vegetable scraps and kitchen waste into nutrient-rich manure. Chickens are also valuable natural predators against pests, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

These actions will contribute to preserving ecosystems and creating an environment conducive to the coexistence of different species, promoting the regeneration of local ecosystems.

In parallel, Terre & Humanisme commits to supporting the establishment of a collective of market gardeners embracing innovative and sustainable agricultural practices.

Special attention will be given to micro-market gardening on living soil, a method that focuses on preserving and stimulating soil life. By practicing micro-market gardening, the market gardeners will strive to create balanced ecosystems where effective microorganisms can thrive. This will promote water retention in the soil, improve nutrient availability for plants, and encourage biodiversity, thereby creating a more resilient and sustainable environment for vegetable cultivation.

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